Affordable Housing

Affordable housing is at the top of Deni's list. Homelessness is a crisis in California. We need to build more affordable housing for low-income singles and families, and it should be located near to transit for easy transportation. Deni believes that everybody with a job should be able to afford a decent place to live, and that we can provide an avenue to reintegrate the homeless into society.


Every child in California should have access to an excellent public education. Deni will work to improve and expand the vocational-technical programs in our middle schools and high schools so that high school graduates have more options for careers. Not every person wants or needs to go to university, but good trades and technical schools should be available and schools should be affordable to everyone, so our young people don’t start their adult lives with these huge burdens of student debt.


Deni believes in science and she believes in the existence of climate change. California is a leader in lowering carbon emissions and reducing our footprint on the earth, but the more we can do, the better. Deni supports tax incentives for consumer solar panels and hybrid and electric cars, and increasing the availability of mass transit in an effort to reduce passenger car traffic and emissions. Deni is also concerned about the effects of pollution in our District. Existing regulations need to be enforced.

Gun Control

Deni believes that nobody should be afraid to leave the house in the morning. Children and teachers should not be afraid to go to school. People should not be afraid to attend their place of worship. We must find a way to keep guns out of dangerous hands, and the large majority of Americans agree with simple solutions like universal background checks and closing internet sales loopholes. Let's work to keep each other safe.


DeniAntionette believes that universal affordable healthcare––including mental healthcare and preventive healthcare––should be available to every person in California. We have the 5th largest economy in the world, and we need to find a way to keep Californians healthy.


The sight of families and seniors living on the street or in their cars was what compelled Deni to run for office. California's poverty rate is among the highest in the land, despite the strength of our economy. We need to find a way to keep people from falling into homelessness, and we need to find a way to provide more affordable housing for those in need.


Deni doesn’t believe that babies belong in cages, or that families should be separated when they cross a line on a map. Asylum-seekers and migrant workers should not be treated like criminals: they should be given the medical services they need, and access to the legal assistance guaranteed by our Constitution. It is shameful how migrants are being treated in our name, and we must treat everyone in this country with the compassion all human beings deserve. Our nation was founded to provide a haven from persecution and poverty, and everyone deserves that opportunity.

LGBTQ Community

Every person deserves equal rights and equal treatment before the law, regardless of age, sex, sexual orientation, race, gender identity, religion, national origin, or anything else. Deni values our LGBTQ+ family equally, and will fight for equal rights for all.

Seniors' Issues

DeniAntionette honors our seniors. The best way we can show seniors our respect is by making sure they don't have to make a choice each month on whether to pay for their medication, their rent, or their other bills. There must be affordable decent housing, universal healthcare, and accessible long-term care options for our seniors. Deni will fight for our seniors in Sacramento.

Veterans' Issues

DeniAntionette is grateful for the service of the many veterans in District 42. Our veterans deserve our thanks, and also all of the services the government can provide: access to housing, access to timely healthcare including mental healthcare, and assistance with job training and reintegration into civilian society as needed. We owe our veterans no less, and the fact that there are veterans homeless on our streets is shameful.

Women's Issues

Women's rights are human rights, period. A woman's health decisions must be between her and her doctor, without any interference from the government. Every woman deserves to earn the same wage for the same work as any man. We must close the wage gap, especially for our sisters of color. Deni wants to close the gender gap in Sacramento, too!